Posted: July 5, 2010 



This is a figure of a moose head attached to the outside wall of a house in Tahoe, California. The entire thing is no more than four inches wide and two inches long. In fact, you’d probably overlook it. It was just below head-height, but I liked the unusual perspective looking from below, so had to crouch to take this shot. Somehow that makes it seem more life-like. And close in, you see the weathering and highlight detail in its eyes. I had to play with the focus a little since I used a shallow depth of field. It’s only in seeing this on screen that I could notice the gossamer spider webs on the right hand antler.

Aperture = f/5.6
Shutter = 1/30
Focal length = 55mm
ISO = 900
Flash = None

Category: Close-up
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